Summer campaign 2017 is now in full swing

Live Camera Image is open from July 19,2017

Research Scene at MFRS

Researchers of Tokyo University of Science and Kanzawa University in the lab. at second floor of Bldg.1 at the MFRS at the summit.

Instrument settings for the trace measurment of nitrogen oxides by Dr. R. Wada group of Teikyo University of Science, at Bldg.3 in the MFRS at the summit.

For other research groups, see  the top page slideshow.

Rising sun at the summit, on the 10th Anniversary morning

change over of  the sun and the moon at the east and west sky (from top to down) 

Climbers from the Yoshida route watching the sun rise.

Good Morning from atop Mt. Fuji

Mr. Hiroshi Iwazaki, the chief of mountain crews of NPO Mount Fuji Research Station has sent us the beautiful morning views of today (July 6, 2017 6:00am). The temperature was -0.2 degree Centigrade.


Summer Campaign 2017 has started

photo taken on June 20, 2017


At 9:30 AM of July 1, the power supply was safely connected for the Summer Campaign 2017, the Tenth Anniversary, has started. About 500 researchers/(one summer) are now on their way to begin the research during 62 days (From July 1 to Aug. 31) atop Mount Fuji with 29 projects.

NIES opened CO2 data at Mt. Fuji

We are happy to receive a mail from Dr. Shohei Nomura informing that the 'Daily Observational Data of Atmospheric CO2 Mixing Ratios at the Summit of Mt. Fuji’ is now open in the following URL